What is responsive design?

With technologies developing so fast it is hard to predict what screen format your website is going to be viewed on. Your visitors may be accessing your content on a TV, PC, tablet, phone, smart watch, an e-reader or even, perhaps, a fridge. Long gone are the days of “This site is best viewed in IE at 800x600”, now your site has to look good on any medium. That is the essence of responsive design – creating a website that looks and feels good on any medium. Responsive design adapts content to the screen and enables website users to navigate through your site without zooming or scrolling horizontally.
Responsive design, created by Vibrant Forms is not only about the looks of your web. It's also about the ease of use on multiple devices. Google has announced the beginning of the new mobile web era. Mobile web browsing covers up to 60% of the market. Google stresses the high significance of the mobile website usability and accessibility by smartphone users. Following these trends we implement the mobile-first model in our projects. Our responsive design is the best choice if you are aiming to have a mobile friendly website.

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