What is UX/UI?

UX stands for user experience and UI means user interface. While these two concepts are related, they are not the same. You may have a website that is attractive to look at and easy to understand, that’s great UI, but if you can’t order the product at the website, that is poor UX. User experience involves person’s emotions, behavior and attitude towards a certain product or service, offered at the website. User experience is the combination of usability, effectiveness and joy of human-computer interaction. In other terms great user experience must be thoughtfully designed, pleasant, must make users happy and engaged.
Minimalism of the user interface must not be mistaken for simplicity of UX design. There are plenty of websites with minimal design but a rather complex user interface. We create websites with simple and intuitive navigation having in mind the said features. In our web creation process UX always comes first. Deliberate analysis of our clients' and its customers’ needs provides us with the possibility of creating logical and user guiding UX/UI. Vibrant Forms also sets the highest standards for graphic design of the user interface. By working with only the latest mobile devices and ensuring search engine updates we can take your online business to another level.

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